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Grow Beyond the Comfort Zone

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Grow Beyond the Comfort Zone

We often take the same routes, follow the same routine, and keep our daily habits with consistency.  The coffee cup first thing in the morning, the social media or online browsing at certain times, or all the time for some.  We do family chores, work tasks, and personal activities throughout the day.  When it is time to chilling out, some netflix, videogames or bowling night will do.  All those orderly or erratic hours are part of most humans daily lives on this planet, yet when it comes to mat time, problems cannot persist, whatever happened or is yet to happen after class is not of concern, and the size of the ozone hole in the atmosphere seems like a distant reality.  

When it comes to conscious effort, staying in the zone and flowing with the moment, nothing compares with a jiu-jitsu session, in particular the sparring time.  We accept being in miserable positions, dealing with crushing pressure and exerting super human grit before calling it quits.  The main reason is the fact that we measure success by degrees, if we can last a bit longer, hold on for a little while, or improve to the smallest detail a single move, all those combined make it worth the effort, the suffering, the sacrifice.  

We are not in that game to win alone, some win some lose, we are there to endure, to sustain growth against odds against bigger and more experienced opponents, those favorite partners who will shake the dust off our egos and bring us back to the real world.  

Those who quit early, stop short when the going gets tough, are often plagued by unreal expectations, wrong assumptions and ego problems.  To expect growth without challenge is a sure recipe for disaster, since no serious student would ever aspire progress without the push, and even welcome being the nail longer before learning how to become the hammer.  The assumption that the more we train, the easier it gets is far from the truth.  In reality the more accomplished one becomes, the easier it will get to handle the difficulties, never meaning the end of them.  And the waters will get deeper the further one goes.  Better lessons often become harder.  

Those who wise up early learn one thing that will make the most difference in their progress, that the real enemy, the enemy number one, the greatest villain of all is and will always be the ego.  Nothing harms more progress than the wrong attitude.  Most students who fall prey to their egos display arrogance, entitlement and unsurprisingly bad sportmanship.  If left unchecked they will become obstacles for others, and a bad precedent of an example for both team mates and instructors.  They usually become mat rats or gym hoppers with no allegiance, acting rogue and undermining wherever they go.  

Most sustainable goals for students to succeed are based on sound instruction, quality in training partners and a culture that encourages growth and humility.  Keeping that in perspective will always shine a good light in those moments of doubt, which can happen during times of slumps or dwindling enthusiasm.  Knowing that everyone will be on your corner anytime, both coaches and training partners, is a strong motivator that will propel a student to travel much further, even when the gas tank happens to be low.

The motto is to realize that challenges are welcome, partners are allies, and instructors can only do so much, the final steps towards crossing a finish line will always depend on the consistency and grit of those who accept only growth, whether in victory or defeat.  They don’t rely on the momentary, but on long term goals.  They will laugh last, sweat a bit harder, even bleed some.  What they won’t lose is the drive to go an extra minute, the tear of joy for trying their best, and the comfort to know that they will never be alone, whether within the limits of the mat, or the boundless world at large.  They know deep inside their team will have their back, and their instructor will never turn their back to them!


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