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  • 7 Important Skills Taught in Kids Jiu Jitsu

    7 Important Skills Taught in Kids Jiu Jitsu

    Discipline and Focus Coordination and Body Awareness Goal Setting Confidence Self-Defense Socialization Fitness and the "Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle” Kids today have to endure many obstacles: distractions, bullies, poor fitness, depression, and much more. As parents, we want to give our children every opportunity to excel in life. One of the hardest things to develop within our children is a combination of a healthy mindset, focus, and fitness. This obstacle is why we highly recommend children learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These are the seven important skills taught in kids Jiu Jitsu. #1 Discipline and Focus The most difficult enemies for kids ....

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  • WOW What a year! Lots to be grateful for!

    WOW What a year! Lots to be grateful for!

    Man what a year 2020 has been! Not just for Team CMJJ but for the entire world! Through the ups and downs I am proud to say we were able to pull through and come together to keep the academy doors open. Moving to a smaller, but still badass, facility really helped us make it through the toughest times along with our loyal students who never wavered and kept making tuition payments even if they didn't come back yet. We had grand plans for 2020 with all sorts of events and monthly gatherings that we were unfortunately unable to fulfill BUT thankfully we will have 2021 to do everything that we were not able to do in 2020. Our dedicated staff is meeting next week to make our grand plans for ....

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  • It's Test Week for our Cubs and Jaguars at HQ!

    It's Test Week for our Cubs and Jaguars at HQ!

    Its test week this week!!! Jan 13-17th we will be putting these kids skills to the test! Everything they learn each month they will be tested on. Good luck to everyone! Testing takes place every single month at CMJJ. We believe in giving kids frequent short term goals, the support to achieve those goals and then the reward for persevering and being disciplined enough to reach them. ....

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  • Team CMJJ Adult Competition Training Camp is Underway

    Team CMJJ Adult Competition Training Camp is Underway

    In preparation for our 2020 Competition Schedule we have Jiu-Jitsu World League on the 22nd of Feb in Dallas, TX that we are preparing for! Come out and lets prepare together. Team CMJJ Schools and Affiliates are all invited to attend our Adult Competition Training Sessions which are held every Friday evening from 6-8pm and are being run by Prof. Brad Scott. We also have Competition class on Saturday mornings from 10-11am that you are free to participate in. See you on the mat! ....

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  • Carlos Machado: The Nicest Instructor in BJJ is on a Roll

    Carlos Machado: The Nicest Instructor in BJJ is on a Roll

    The nicest instructor in BJJ offers some insights into his teaching methods, his famous students like Keanu Reeves and Stephan “Wonderboy” Thompson, how to succeed in business and what he has in store for the MAIA SuperShow. by Perry William Kelly “Life in the martial arts is all about opportunities. Each student offers the instructor the chance to make a difference. His or her life will be changed if you do it right. In the process, your life will be changed as well. It is the greatest reward to make a living by changing lives.” - excerpt from Carlos Machado’s Putting the Pieces Together: Truths You Learn AFTER You Get Your Butt ....

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  • CMJJ Gives Back and Supports Our Community

    CMJJ Gives Back and Supports Our Community

    Huge thank you to everyone who came out and donated to our food drive!!! Every year we spend 2 months collecting canned and boxed food items to donate to our local food banks. We understand that giving back to our community is so important. Whether its food drives, local charities, animal shelters we do our best to really support our community the best we can. This drive has us dropping off the goods to help feed those in need in Dallas, Farmers Branch, Carrollton and other cities in North Dallas! # carlosmachadojiujitsu ....

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  • January Ultimate Dodgeball Parents Night Out Community Event

    January Ultimate Dodgeball Parents Night Out Community Event

    Every kids dream is to play with loads of friends in a wide open matted space giant games of Ultimate Dodge ball! We are happy to announce our first Parents Night Out Event of 2020 will be Ultimate Dodge ball! Open to the public kids ages 5-12 are allowed to attend! WHEN: SATURDAY JAN. 25TH TIME: 6PM-9PM WHERE: RCJ MACHADO JIU-JITSU 14430 MIDWAY RD. FARMERS BRANCH, TX 75244 COST: $25 1 CHILD/ $15 ADTL CHILDREN INCLUDED: 3 HOURS OF NON STOP FUN AND DINNER DISCLAIMER: ALL KIDS MUST WEAR A MOUTHPIECE TO PROTECT TEETH IN CASE KIDDOS RUN IN TO EACH OTHER WHILE DODGING BALLS. REGISTER HERE-----> BUY ADMISSION TICKET ....

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  • Team CMJJ Kids Competition Team Training Camp

    Team CMJJ Kids Competition Team Training Camp

    Everyone is working hard and preparing for Jiu-Jitsu World League event in Dallas in Feb. Get registered asap and SAVE MONEY! www.jjworldleague.com and make sure you register under TEAM RCJ MACHADO. Kids from all Team CMJJ academies and affiliate academies are coming together to support the kids who are working hard and wanting to compete! Training sessions will be held in different academies this semester to make sure the kids are constantly being challenged and are exposed to many different training partners than the ones they are used to training with every single day. So if your child competes then these will be excellent sessions to make sure you attend. Travel is required. ....

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  • Carlos Machado Winter BJJ Mastery Camp

    Carlos Machado Winter BJJ Mastery Camp

    WOW! We cannot believe this event has been happening every year for the past decade! 10 years of practicing and perfecting BJJ with Master Machado...now thats a special thing. The 2020 Carlos Machado Jiu-Jitsu Winter Camp will help you build your ABC game: Amplify - Build - Conquer in our 6 sessions over 2 days. You will be sitting and training with me to learn how to embed a move into your Jiu-Jitsu DNA. FRIDAY: 12pm - 2pm / 3pm - 5pm / 6pm - 7pm SATURDAY: 11am - 1pm / 2pm - 4pm / 4:30pm - 6pm Looking forward to rolling with you all! GET REGISTERED HERE-----> Camp Admission Ticket ....

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  • The Woman Behind the Scenes - Lindsay Machado - (Interview)

    The Woman Behind the Scenes - Lindsay Machado - (Interview)

    THE WOMAN BEHIND THE SCENES – LINDSAY THOMPSON-MACHADO (INTERVIEW) JUNE 16, 2017 LADIESONLYBJJ LEAVE A COMMENT “I hold down the fort here.” Meet Lindsay Thompson-Machado. The definition of a true girl boss. Training jiu jitsu since 1993. CEO of one of the biggest jiu jitsu associations in the South-West. Girls in Gis host. Mother of four. We had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay and interviewing her! Read below as we talk about being a pioneer in jiu jitsu, working as a succesful business woman, being the wife of a famous jiu jitsu person and the female jiu jitsu scene in the South-West.
    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you ....

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