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Prof. Tony Williams - BJJ Instructor

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Professor Tony Williams

Professor is Tony Williams is an 80’s kid who grew up loving Bruce Lee, the Ninja Turtles and everything martial arts related. He spent many years of his youth training in multiple sports such as Tae Kwon Do, wrestling and gymnastics which gave him the most incredible athletic foundation for his future in the martial arts specifically MMA and BJJ. 


Many years later as an adult, decided to start training MMA at Brazos Valley Mixed Martial Arts where my love of all things ninja and Jiu-Jitsu collided. 
Initially preferring a striking game and doing well in no gi divisions (later in gi as well), winning many but always podium in large divisions for promotions; TSL, Grand Prix, Matshark, WGC, Brazos Throwdown, RMN and others throughout the years.

After an ammy record of 1-0, destiny intervened...he moved around and worked on my academics and began focusing on Jiu-Jitsu, eventually earning a Degree in Science, majoring in Biology.



Fate would then again intervene, bringing me back to BVMMA (a Carlos Machado Affiliate) where I eventually began coaching/studying under Professor Bubba Bush for six years before he was brought to Plano, TX and was blessed with the opportunity and privilege of studying directly under Master Carlos Machado and Professor Brad Scott where I proudly am today at Carlos Machado Jiu-Jitsu Headquarters!

Prof. Tony has taken over teaching all of our 6:00am morning classes at HQ and Thursday evening classes! He brings incredible energy to the class following the curriculum laid out by Master Machado and the students really enjoy his classes! He is a true team player and steps in anytime he is needed on the mat and works tirelessly to help everyone on the team elevate their BJJ game!




Jiu-Jitsu is never easy but it is always there for those willing to try...and seeing what it has done for him personally and countless people during his journey...has been the motivation for dedicating his life to it’s study and helping others overcome anything in their way through Jiu-Jitsu.











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