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Coach Ray Machado Kids Martial Arts Instructor

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Coach Ray Machado

Coach Ray Machado is the oldest son of Master Carlos Machado and CMJJ HQs Head Kids instructor. Ray began his BJJ journey at the ripe age of 3 years old at RCJ Machado Jiu-Jitsu The Colony where is Uncle and Head Kids Instructor, Evan Thompson was his instructor for 7 years. He trained hard and religiously 4 day a week every single week for years and loved it. His leadership skills and willingness to help others got him recognized and awarded the status of Leadership Team member at the academy. Coach Ray has competed in BJJ tournaments since he was 5 years old winning several tournaments. 

At the age of 10 years old Coach Ray began wrestling classes with Coach Anthony Joffrion at Creekview High School and competed as well over the course of 4 years. He still trains one on one with Coach Anthony to keep improving his wrestling skills which he loves to do. Wrestling has helped Rays BJJ game tremendously and thats why he incorporates wrestling in his BJJ classes he teaches to the kids and teens. Emphasizing the importance of proper technique for takedowns. BJJ and wrestling combined make his students unafraid of the takedown and give them the power to move in and be fearless with their jiu-jitsu which without the wrestling makes most kids and adults hesitant to go for the takedowns and play a more defensive game rather than offensive approach. 

Coach Ray started off as a Basic Machado Jaguar member, continued his training throughout that program in to the Masters Program, became a member of the Leadership Team, moved in to the Machado Teens Program. After leaving RCJ Machado The Colony to train at CMJJ HQ Coach Ray continued his training and learning how to teach from his father, Carlos Machado and his BJJ teacher Prof. Brad Scott.

Being homeschooled allows Coach Ray the time to develop his teaching and learning of the curriculum Master Machado expects all of his instructors to follow. Coach Ray works tirelessly to perfect his BJJ and spends so much time planning out his classes with Prof. Johnny. His students mean the world to him and he loves seeing them improve, struggle but overcome, and now he has his own Leadership Team members who he is grooming in to amazing Academy and Community Leaders. Everything has come full circle for Coach Ray proving that hard work, dedication to serving others, being humble and consistent pays off. 

Coach Ray earned his Adult Blue belt last October and he still trains 3-4 days a week leaving his ego at the door. 

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